Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear Hershal Walker

Dear Hershal Walker,

I know your in great shape to compete in MMA.  I know your an amazing athlete and one rare breed.  But honestly, I rather you stick to one sport and it would be MMA.  I mean your probably one of the best conditioned athletes in your age range like Couture.  But making an NFL comeback is something I don't want to see you do.  Your not as strong as your young days to play football.  Have you seen guys like Brian Urlacher or Ray Lewis, I feel like you would seriously get hurt playing ball at this age.  I just don't want you to get paralyzed or something bad might happen because those guys don't play.  I really think you would be safer in MMA.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sean Sherk and Waylon Lowe =Brothers?

Waylon Lowe and Sean Sherk

Could they be related or even brothers.

You be the judge.


Cmon know he said that Melvin Guillard should be fighting Nik Lentz. That's going down in competition not going up. I thought that was a stupid thing to suggest. His opinion, I know but still Nik Lentz doesn't deserve to be in top 15 lightweights at all. He didn't even deserve the win against Tyson Griffin.

I think Guillard should be fighting at a high level than Evan Dunham now. I would really wish for Guillard vs Pettis, i'm praying for Guida to pull out of the fight. Actually, Melvin Guillard vs Sean Sherk would be nice to see to. But not Lentz.

And the guy also said Pat Barry should fight Matt Mitrione. REALLY? They're teammates, I highly doubt them doing this. But in his article, he didn't even mention that they were teammates maybe not knowing they were team mates. I really don't know what hes thinking, but maybe hes on a bad day haha.

If Paul Daley was in Mark Hominick's Position

You know when Mark Hominick TKO'd George Roop. Roop got back up and tried to congratulate Hominick. He was on wobbly legs and stumbled across the cage. If Paul Daley was in Hominick's position, he'd probably be a dick and sucker punch him like he did Koscheck.

Best Quote of the Night for: UFC Fight For The Troops 2

The best quote of the night goes to........Darmaques Johnson after his win against Mike Guymon.

After Guymon tapped out due to the pressure from the body triangle Johnson had on him. This was said:

"who likes foreplay with no orgasm, i mean i didn't finish, my bad."

I was dying this was too funny.

UFC: Fight For The Troops 2 Recap

Melvin Guillard vs Evan Dunham

Evan Dunham was the favorite but unfortunately, being better on paper does not win you fights.  If you watched it, Guillard was throwing some dam lasers.  Speed and precision, simple as that.  Dunham showed some heart though, he got rocked a couple good times and still didn't give up.  But, Guillard's striking was a little too much for him.  Guillard showed some amazing takedown defense and could still throw some hard shots on one leg, which was pretty dope. 

Matt Mitrione vs Tim Hague

First off, I'm glad that Mitrione shaved off the pornstar/rapist mustache, because he was looking to creepy.  But man, he was super mobile.  A big guy like that moving like that, that shows the athleticism he has.  Once again, showcasing his striking from Duke Roufus.  He showed a clean inside leg kick and his power in his strikes.  Straight LEFT to the chin.  That's what he used to beat Hague.  I feel sorry for Hauge because he couldn't show off his cardio and the strength and conditioning program that he worked hard on.

Mark Hominick vs George Roop

All I have to say is "WOW"  I knew Hominick was good but I didn't think he was that good.  Everything he threw was precise.  Stunning Roop numerous times and props to the ref for stopping it.  Great call.

Pat Barry vs Joey Beltran

I was excited to see this one.  Beltran has so much heart and can take a hit to the dome.  This guy ate a couple headkicks and a vicious leg kicks.  His legs were dying after 2 kicks from Barry.  Barry basically picked Beltran apart with leg kicks and occasionally throwing his hands when Beltran was expecting kicks.  I wanted to see Barry finish it with leg kicks because the headkicks were not putting Beltran to sleep.  I wish he threw it a little more, I mean you could see Beltran limping by the 1st round, but he tried putting him to sleep and that didn't work.

Cole Miller vs Matt Wiman

I was surprised at this fight, I honestly thought that this would be a war.  It turned out to be a one-sided beating for Miller.  Miller took a page out of the Brock Lesnar fight for survival book.  He was basically in survival mode the whole fight.  I've never even seen Wiman fight like that but man the pace he set was sick.  Never ending ground and pound, even using the Sakuraba double chops.  I was dying because I haven't seen that since watching Pride Fighting Championship.  Wiman was relentless and was just too much for Miller.

Cody McKenize vs Yves Edward

This was one of the fights that were showed live stream on facebook.  But man this fight was crazy and these guys showed some heart.  Cody was getting LIT up by Edwards in the stand up section of the part.  But McKenzie was taking the shots and still trying to shoot and get the fight to the ground.  By the second round, he did by getting Edward's back and dragging him down.  When that happened I though he had the fight, he also used some weird grappling techniques but he was dominating his opponent on the ground.  Miraculously, Edwards got on top and mounted McKenzie.  McKenzie gave up his back and Edwards capitalized and choked him out.  McKenzie showed some balls by not taping or he just wanted to take a nap.  Sad to see Cody lose but I was expecting Yves to win.


Guillard : I'd love to see him fight a top 10 fighter, I'm hoping Guida pulls out of his Pettis fight, so Guillard can fill in.

Dunham: Rest after that beating, but I want him still to fight Florian.

Mitrione: Meathead wanted a step up in competition, I'd give him Cheick Kongo

Hominick: DUH ALDO

At the end of the day, PLEASE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gi vs No Gi ?

So today, I was at the gym training Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.  We use a gi in that class and did the usual.  Worked on variations of chaining submissions together.  For instance, we worked on transitioning from a triangle, right into an armbar and back to a triangle.  Stuff like that.  Then the usual 30min-45min rolling.

A muay thai student was watching us and asked me after whats the difference from training with a gi and without a gi. And which was easier.

As I was telling him, its hard both ways.  I did submission wrestling and no gi grappling at first, so when I transitioned to traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I had a hard time adapting at first.  I've rolled and trained with guys that said the same thing but vice versa.  Adaptation is huge part between rolling with a gi and without one.  Personally, for me at first, not knowing that the gi was used as a weapon and tool, was a very hard concept for me to grasp.  I remember getting choked out with my own collar.  If you've never rolled with a gi, you'll learn that the gi is your biggest weapon and can be used in so many ways.

I had a hard time because training without a gi, your not used to having to grab the gi for handles and grips.  I told the guy they bring different aspects and it changes your approach coming gi to no gi or vice versa.  Honestly, I don't think there is an easier or harder rolling with gi or no gi.  They both bring different aspects and different problems for you to figure out.   But, I feel like when you train with a gi, I honestly think you need more of technique is put to play.  Without a gi, you can use strength and athleticism to help you a great deal when you grapple.  Sweat plays a big part too when you roll without a gi.  But when your in a gi, sometimes you just can't get out of things when someones holding your collar or gi and you can't just slide out positions because sweat doesn't really affect the gi.

At the end of the conversation, I told the guy, you really got to try it for yourself, but what do you guys think?